I work with women who are tired of suffering.

I work with women who:

  • feel empty and hollow
  • feel stressed and anxious
  • startle easily
  • are hyper-vigilant
  • don’t trust their own judgement
  • isolate themselves
  • are afraid of being abandoned
  • are always holding back their emotions
  • find themselves stuck in a series of unhealthy relationships
  • are always over explaining themselves

I work with women who are:

  • searching for meaning
  • struggling with suicidal thoughts
  • wanting to live a more authentic life
  • ready to do the work to be free of the past
  • interested in learning how to set boundaries
  • wanting to move into their power
  • ready to put themselves first

I promise to be kind and compassionate.

I also promise to challenge you, especially on old and destructive ways of thinking.

I really feel it is a privilege to do the work I do . This is the work that I have chosen.

Give me a call. Let’s see what we can accomplish together.


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