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I do not believe YOU are “broken”.

I do not believe YOU are “a problem”.

I believe that you are ENOUGH.


As a matter of fact, I believe you are more than enough.

Yup, just as you are.  Right here …. right now …

I truly believe that.

And you know, if we end up working together, I will keep inviting you to believe that you are


Until one day you

    • believe it,
        • and trust it,
            • and feel it,
                • and know it.

Sometimes if things aren’t going well, it is the SYSTEM or SITUATION that is broken or troubled.

… its not you, its the system.  … its not you, its the situation.

The problem does not lie inside the people trying to survive and thrive within those broken systems or  situations.  So that means that YOU are not the problem, the SITUATION or SYSTEM is the problem.

So we would have a look at what is broken (not you), and see if we can make some changes.

What changes can we make?

We can change the situation or we can changes to the way we APPROACH a situation.

Sometimes we have been adapting to a situation for so long, that we forget and abandon parts of ourselves that really are yearning to come forward.

Those sensitive and sensing parts, those vulnerable and caring parts, those quiet and contemplative parts, those smart and inquisitive parts.

How do we go about doing that?

We make it safe enough for ALL OF YOU to show up.

    • The good, the bad, and the ugly – yup – all of you.
        • All parts are welcome to the party.

We are inclusive, no parts left behind, no wallflowers, no judging, no “joiners”.  And we do this slowly, and kindly, with curiosity and compassion.

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