About Coral Payne

Hi, my name is Coral, and I am a licensed and REGISTERED CLINICAL COUNSELLOR providing counselling to individuals on Vancouver Island and British Columbia.

I usually see clients in my office, but during these COVID times I am working with clients by phone or secure zoom video.

You have probably noticed the grey hair.  Showed up a while ago.  Yes, I have been around the block a few times.

Like everyone else, I have had my ups and downs, and successes and failures … (and my fair share of help and therapy along the way).

I want you to know that I truly love what I do.

I would especially like to work with you if any of the following resonate with you:

  • You have been told all your life that you are “too sensitive” (like that is a bad thing)
  • You feel like a fake, or an imposter, or you don’t fit in
  • You feel that you are putting everyone’s needs before your own
  • You find that unhappiness is a constant companion
  • You are wondering when it is your turn to be cherished for who you are
  • You feel you have to be perfect to belong
  • Anxiety and depression are exhausting you and stealing your spark

I am a registered provider for the following:

Crime Victim Assistance Program  (CVAP)

First Nations Health Authority (FNHA)

WorkSafe BC

I am also a Registered Imago Relationship Counsellor.

If you feel that you might want to work with me, give me a call or send me an email.

I am ALWAYS happy to hear from new clients.

Hmmmmm, what else can I tell you?   I absolutely love to be outside hiking, kayaking, sailing (and racing my little boat), skiing, riding my e-bike, sewing, knitting, cooking, and baking.

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