I have been in private practice for over a decade, helping clients improve relationships with themselves and others. We can work to discover what is not working in your life, why it isn’t working, and what you would prefer to have instead. We would then work on skills that might enable you to get more of what you are missing in your life. Communication skills, boundary work, assertiveness, finding and using your voice. We can also explore the ideas of connection and belonging in your life. In addition to communication and boundaries, I can also help with trauma, and those experiencing anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

My goal is to help my clients move to a place where they feel more positive about themselves, their life, and their relationships with others. A place where you experience the thrill of attaining truly deep, healthy, and nurturing connections with others.

My aim is that you leave each session with:

  • The feeling that you have been heard
  • The feeling that you have been understood
  • The feeling that I genuinely care about you
  • The feeling that you have been treated with respect
  • Practical skills that you can take out into the world to practice
  • Insight into your concerns
  • The feeling that you have received real, honest feedback
  • The feeling that you are not alone in this journey